Sex Crime

In Ontario, between 1979 and 1984, nearly 1,400 persons between the ages of 16 and 19 were convicted of one or more sexual offences.

Nearly 15% of all sexual offences involving teen perpetrators happen at school or on school property.

About 82 percent of sexual assault murder victims were female. This is quite a large percentage when you consider that, in all murders, 24 percent of the victims were female. About two-thirds of sexual assault murder victims were white, while about half of all murder victims are white. Victims averaged about 32 years of age, and about 1 in 4 were under the age of 18.

In 1995, murders involving rape and other sex offenses accounted for about 0.8 percent of all murders with known circumstances.

75% percent of women raped are between the ages of 15 and 21. The average age is 18.

Only 16 percent of rapes are ever reported to the police

Males represent approximately 90% of adult and adolescent sex offenders reported to authorities.

South Africa

South Africa's crime rate is the highest in the world per capita (excluding countries at war.

South Africa has one of the highest numbers of reported rape cases in the world per capita.

A total of 1,98 million serious crimes were reported in 1995, with only half solved, including 36 888 rapes, 18 983 murders and 66 838 armed robberies.

Statistics of Child Abuse in South Africa for 1996: 9026 children raped, 647 children kidnapped, 2982 children assaulted (Reported Cases), bringing the estimated total to more than 38,000 - more than a 100 per day.

Crime costs the country now nearly R40 billion a year.

For 1 000 crimes committed, only eight people are jailed for more than two years.

On average, in each hour, 4 people are killed and 4 women are raped.

More cars are stolen annually than in the UK and USA put together.

The unemployment figure is the highest it has ever been (more than 45%), and this figure is also rising.

There are more than 3,000,000 illegal firearms in South Africa, and this figure is rapidly rising.

More than 700 farmers have been murdered during the last 4 years until July 1998. Until the end of December 1997 no arrests were made.

Johannesburg becomes the 4th most dangerous City in the world (March 1998, SABC).

The Cape Flats in Cape Town has the highest concentration of drug trafficking & drug abuse in the world.

South Africa is the second most dangerous country for the British tourist in the world.

Hate Crime Twenty-three percent of college campuses with 2,500 enrolled students had a special hate crime program or unit operated by campus law enforcement agencies.