name: sam

lives: texas

marital status: happily coupled

favorite tv shows: law & order: svu, law & order: ci, law & order, the sheild, cops, wildest police vidoes, nypd blue, big fan of cop dramas. can ya tell?

favorite foods: raw oysters, fried oysters, smoked oysters, steamed oysters, mac & cheese, night hawk steak & mac dinners.

favorite actors: will farell, tom hanks, nicolas cage

favorite actresses: mariska hargitay, angelina jolie, brittney murphy

occuaption: work in a resturaunt, no specific job. somedays i asnwer phones, some i wait tables, others i work the register, some i cook and go through mail.

politics: lean right

pro-death penalty
pro-hard work
anti-affirmative action (pro-equality)
anti-government handouts

do i support the war with iraq? i support the removal of saddam hussain. i do not agree with how it's being handled.

will i vote for bush in 2004? no. i will not vote for anyone in 2004. i don't believe anyone running will do any good for this country.

i think that's all you people need to know for now.